Welcome to Itea Primary School blog. This is a blog mainly written by teachers but sometimes you can see posts from students too.

Our School is a small primary school in Central Greece. The village is called Itea , it is in the prefecture of Karditsa and it has about 2000 inhabitants. Our school has about 70 students. Primary school lasts 6 years in the Greek educational system.

In this blog we will be writing about all our school activities.

This year we are using new English coursebooks, very different from the ones we had been using so far. We are also participating in eTwinning projects from time to time and we will keep you posted. This is also the year more technology is introduced into our classrooms albeit not so much for students using it but for teachers to show things. We are looking forward to connecting to other classes and schools from all over the world!


2 Σχόλια to “English”

  1. Γκρούντνιγκ Βασίλης Says:

    Αξιότιμε κύριε Διευθυντή,

    Εύχομαι σε εσάς, τους κ. κ. εκπαιδευτικούς και στους μαθητές / μαθήτριες του σχολείου σας ΚΑΛΗ ΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΗ και ΚΑΛΟ ΠΑΣΧΑ.

    Μετά τιμής,

    Βασίλης Γκρούντνιγκ

  2. Comenius Says:

    Hello from Poland,

    Last call for ready Comenius multilateral project. We are looking for more partners for the GKY MEANS GKM project (it was finished). We are Poland (coordinator), Turkey, Lithuania, Romania and Greece. We invite two more partner schools from Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain, UK, France, Latvia and Estonia.

    Project description:
    I stage:
    Getting to know myself:
    1. «Me and my world»
    2. «My city»
    3. «My country:
    II stage
    Becoming acquinted with national traditions, which are common and different for participating countries, family traditions; looking for common and different characteristics.
    Creating calendars with the most important holidays and festivities.
    III stage
    Becoming acquainted with the most important places in each country – capitals, cities, historically important places.
    IV stage
    Social-natural environment
    1. The world I live in – observation and description of natural environment.
    2. Flora and fauna species under protection.
    3. The most important natural exemplars of local environment.
    V stage
    Looking for similarities and differences, creating a multimedia encyclopedia of young European (brainstorms accepted). Students and teachers may create together an internet board or website to summarize all gained knowledge about themselves and cooperating countries.
    I will give further information about the project if you contact me at mirkaj@autograf.pl . We plan to finalize all works (partner finding) till 20th of February (Deadline is 21st of February).


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